BTS at the Sleepy Stoner Lookbook shoot

Back in February, I linked up with the Sleepy Stoner crew to help them shoot the look book for their latest collection, a collaboration with @PhoenixElbow - which drops on the 17th! They came up from LA and we basically spent the weekend mobbing all around the bay. I was more of a tour guide and agent for this project, which was a very different role than I'm used to - but I loved it! I brought 3 models and figured out a couple dope ass locations for us to shoot. It was so dope to see my girls thriving the way we all were that day. Genuine people, genuine energy. Totally made me feel like I might want to eventually be an agent. It's a different type of gratification that comes from being able to give other people opportunities than you get from creating them for yourself. 

 Ray (left) inspired by Trevor (middle) and Niko's (right) shots. Check out Trevor and Niko on IG @Director_Trevorlaub & @Fiftyclicks 

Ray (left) inspired by Trevor (middle) and Niko's (right) shots. Check out Trevor and Niko on IG @Director_Trevorlaub & @Fiftyclicks 

The Team:

Sleepy Stoner was founded by Ashley and Ray - they're the fucking sweetest, foreal. You catch their energy right away. Ashley creative directs with tunnel vision and a friendly, maternal vibe. Sleepy Stoner is her baby and she cares for it just like a mother would. Ray is at home scheming up marketing material, building their brand and planning for growth. @PhoenixElbow is a cute creative, activist and model based in LA collaborating with Sleepy Stoner on a collection inspired by Phoenix and her high society lifestyle. Niko (@fiftyclicks) was the shooter and @PhoenixElbow's biggest admirer. The couple has been together for years and his photos of her are a perfect insight into their life together. CJ is Ashley's little brother and secondary shooter. CJ used a polaroid exclusively the whole weekend and definitely made me want to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Our cameraman, Trevor is a Bay Area based film maker with some serious talent. I was pretty much losing my shit over how good his videos were and I know he's also had the chance to work with some pretty established Bay Area artists. Check out his current project on YouTube, Life of a Film Maker.   


FUN FACT: There's champaign in that Stabucks cup. 

The Spot:

A lot of the lookbook was shot at the Airbnb they rented in Oakland. The Spot was an entire floor of a muti level home in the Oakland Hills with a music studio taking up about half of the space. Although the equipment was locked up tight (extra rental fee's apply to access equipment) the studio space itself made a dope set for us to shoot on. Inside the studio was an amazing little nook bedroom with a sliding glass partition to separate it from the rest of the studio (pictured above) . Both this bedroom and the other bedroom - which doubles as a sound booth - opened up to an amazing deck that ran the length of the home (pictured two above). 

Our Girls:

The most beautiful part of the weekend, beside the breathtaking sunset, were or gorgeous models!  Below from L to R: Jennifer @_xojennt / Allyssa @allyssareed / Lily @snakecharmerbite / Phoenix @PhoenixElbow / Kim @kdrevm / (not pictured below) Maya @mayamichlle_