No Me Quiero Mas

I have a bad habit of shooting projects and then forgetting about them before I have a chance to share them. BHUUUT, since Halloween is coming up, I finally have the perfect opportunity to share one of my favorites. Back in August, my niece and I shot this series inspired by several of Selena's most ICONIC (*JoAnne Voice) looks. 

OUTFIT: Bustier: FOREVER21    White Denim: FASHION NOVA    White Cowboy Boots: KOHL's

Selena perfected the contour before it was even a thing. So I knew from the start I was gonna want to try to recreate her classic beat in my photos. I do all my initial batch editing in Lightroom, then bring them into Photoshop for final retouching. After playing around with several different tools - the spot healing tool, the clone stamp and various filters, to name a few - I found my way to the dodge and burn tools. I'm not 100% on their exact functions, but basically, the dodge tool slowly lightens areas and the burn tool slowly darkens them, one shade at a time. Finding the correct brush size is key when airbrushing on makeup. Too small of a brush and your contour will be harsh and look cartoonish. Too big and theres no real contour, just patchy color. Once you figure out what size brush you need, go slowly, over the same areas of the face you would lighten and darken in real life. Adjusting the brush size as you work will help your airbrushing look more realistic. I personally feel like I took the contour just a it too far in some of these, but I'm not too used to that look anyways, so I'm not the best judge. Either way, it was a helpful skill to learn and I'm pretty happy with it for my first time.

 Rhinestone Bralet: LIGHT IN THE BOX  /  Jeans: FOREVER21  /  Belt: FOREVER21  /  Hat: FOREVER21

All of these looks make great last minute costume options. The 'Amor Prohibido' look will likely be the hardest to recreate. We got lucky finding the blouse and jacket at a thrift store last minute. But i did find similar tops later at Forever21 - and they carry an eclectic variety of clothing styles so that would probably be a good place to start when trying to recreate an iconic celebrity look.

OUTFIT: Blouse: FOREVER21  /  Jacket: FASHION NOVA  /  Black Jeans: FASHION NOVA 

49X365 Custom Nike Gold Nugget Jordan XI

Football season may be coming to an end, but with Superbowl 50 coming to San Francisco this year (well, technically Santa Clara but, you know...) there is plenty more for Bay Area sports fans to be excited about. Superbowl City will take over The Embarcadero from January 30th to February 7th  for an immersive NFL experience like no other. On Saturday, February 6th, Alicia Keys will headline with many others at a free concert to kick off the semicentennial celebration. You can find links to event calendars and schedules at the bottom of this post.

Although the 9ers had a difficult season, their fans did their best to hang in with them.  One particularly gold-blooded individual approached me about creating a pair of 49er inspired customs for him.  Amechi has his hands in a lot of different creative projects; he does video work for TrapXArt, a Bay Area based art movement to bring young creatives together in a positive environment. He is also one of the voices behind 49x365 a weekly podcast focused on the 49er fandom. This web series was the inspiration behind these Gold Nugget Jordans, a one of one created exclusively for Amechi. Check out these shots we took to showcase these finished joints. A HUGE ENORMOUS HEARTFELT THANK YOU to Amechi for the opportunity to create and shoot these.